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Most Unique on Shelf – Most Convenient in Use

In highly competitive markets, future brand and portfolio strategies become more ambitious and require successful packaging concepts. Elopak´s iconic design and convenient handling have proven best-in-class when it comes to appearance and functionality.

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More Appealing Product Presentation at POS

  • Best Product and Brand Differentiation
  • Strong Display Properties
  • 360 Degree Printing Surface
  • Attractive Multi-Pack Solutions

Enhanced Brand Experience

  • Better Guidance on Shelf
  • Handy Format & Grip
  • Single Action Opening
  • Convenient Pouring – Optimized Dosing
  • Less Food Waste – Easy Disposal for Recycling

Pure-Pak® Aseptic Filling Line E-PS120A

The new filling machine platform features a unique modular design for exceptional flexibility in installation, operation and maintenance. Join us on a journey through Elopak´s latest machine development and discover the unique benefits of its individual modules:


Pure-Pak® Aseptic E-PS120A at a Glance

We strive for Excellence


Outstanding Appearance

  • Iconic Design
  • Premium Image
  • Differentiation at POS

High Efficiency

  • Space-Saving, Compact Design
  • Modular Design
  • Up to 12,000 Cartons per Hour
  • Minimum Manpower Required
  • Low Utility, Consumption and Operating Costs

Advanced Flexibility

  • Runs Multiple Pure-Pak® Carton Sizes and Configurations
  • Flexible Change in Design
  • Short Automatic Changeover Time
    (max. 2 min.)

Incomparable Reliability

  • State-of-the-Art-Technology
  • High Precision
  • Made in Germany

Maximum Hygiene

  • Compact Aseptic Chamber
  • Maximum Hygiene in All Parts
  • Every Part of the PPA is Designed to Meet Maximum Hygiene Requirements

Reduced Space

  • Modular Construction
  • Transparency in Operation
  • Easy Access in Maintenance

Pure-Pak® Aseptic Technology in Motion

Coming soon

Automatic Blank Loader

  • Reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Improved quality & hygiene
  • Less physical effort for the machine operator
  • Low space requirements

Pure-Pak® Aseptic

Engineered for Success

See the machine in production and learn more about the Pure-Pak® Aseptic Technology.

Marli Natur Orange Marli Natur Strawberry-Orange Oranges
Marli Natur Video


First with Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic for juice in Europe

Following the installation of a new aseptic filling line E-PS120A in its production site in Turku, Finland, Eckes-Granini has relaunched its Marli Natur juices in 1 litre Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic cartons.

Torsti Hurmerinta

Our latest consumer tests have proven the Pure-Pak® carton as preferred packaging for our Marli range. The new filling system ensures best preservation of our juice quality and its valuable nutrients until the end of a shelf-life up to 12 months. The carton design is the best match with the superior natural image and high quality of Marli; and its novel features are providing additional benefits in handling and disposal.

Torsti Hurmerinta, Marketing Director at Eckes-Granini Finland Oy Ab

A package concept, that ...

... meets today´s
consumer demands

  • Good handling properties
  • One-step-opening
  • Good pouring properties
  • Non dripping
  • Environmentally friendly

... creates trust
and loyality

"This is a packaging, I´m able to control, not one of those, which control me."

... delivers possibilities
for growth

  • Premium gable top packaging
  • Stand out of competition
  • Perfect brand presentation
  • Communicates Freshness and High quality

... guarantees fully aseptic
filling technology

  • Fully aseptic filling
  • Highly efficient: up to 12.000 cartons/h
  • Short changeover time in sizes
  • Low utility consumption
  • Space saving
Video statement from Dirk Endlich

Statement from Dirk Endlich,
Market Area Director, Elopak Europe North

Video statement from Winfried Meier

Statement from Winfried Meier,
Senior Vice President Sales, Arla Foods Consumer Central Europe (CCE)

Video statement from Jürgen Wolf

Statement from Jürgen Wolf,
Senior Site Director, Arla Foods Pronsfeld

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Arched and printed “top fin“

Improved Communication and Stands Out

Arched and printed “top fin“ provides better range navigation & communication of product’s USP.

Asymmetric top

More Flexibility

Asymmetric top allows different cap sizes (small, medium and large).

First touch zone

Tactile Experience

“First touch” zone offers new sensations when both pouring and gripping.

Easy to fold line

More Convenience

”Easy to fold” line allows for squeezing out the last drop and producing less waste volume.

mood corner

New “mood corner”

  • Support of brand values and stimulating promotions
  • Improved range differentiation
  • Better communication of USP
Mood corner

One-Step Opening

Good pouring properties, with easy and safe reclosing.

Mood corner

Classic Gable Top Design

A premium carton that embodies naturalness and freshness.

Blank Feeding

1. Blank Feeding

Requires Minimum Manpower due to

  • Semi-Automatic Blank Feeding
  • One Control Loading Station
  • Storage of 4,000 Blanks in Total
  • 20-Minute Buffer Capacity within Magazine
Blank Wheel

2. Blank Wheel


  • as no external cap applicator is needed

More Accurate Cap Application

  • due to internal cap applicator

Automatic Discharge of Capless Blanks

Improved Hygienic Performance

  • cap-welding with ultrasonic energy
  • de-duster to remove dust (PE, paper fibers, particles)
Bottom Mandrel

3. Bottom Mandrel

More Robust Bottom Seal and Optimized Energy Consumption

  • due to improved bottom folding and shorter sealing time
Chain Unit

4. Chain Unit

  • Top Double Folding Ensures Equal Folding Characteristics
  • Pocket Design for Reliable Carton Transport
Aseptic Chamber

5. Aseptic Chamber

Small Aseptic Chamber Guarantees:

  • fully aseptic performance with well proven H2O2 35 % vapor sterilization system
  • very accurate filling due to advanced filling system
  • controlled sealing properties, less space, improved energy consumption due to inductive top sealing
  • less manpower required due to easy, automatic and effective cleaning of aseptic chamber (incl. internal foam cleaning system)
Outfeed Conveyor

6. Outfeed Conveyor

Flexibly Adjustable to Customers’ Needs

  • Upright Carton Transport
  • Ejection of Wrongly-Filled Cartons


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